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Delah 1C.jpg
Delah 1930's Open River Launch
Price: new price £11,000
LOA: 16' 11"                                         Inboard Petrol Engine 10HP
LWL: 16' 8"                                         Degraff Double Axle Road Trailer 
Beam 5' 2"

This is an excellent example of a traditional river launch which was built sometime around 1939. It is equipped with a Parsons/Ford 10 HP slide valve petrol engine which was professionally restored 3 years ago and is in good working order.

Delah comes complete with up to date boat safety certificate. The overall length of the vessel is approximately 16ft 11 inches which makes it a handy size to manoeuvre and economic to berth and ideal for day trips on the river or canal. 

The trailer is worth £3,000 on its own so this package represents very good value for money. the trailer is fitted with loading guide rollers and new twin pneumatic jockey wheels.

This is the second time we have been pleased to handle this boat on behalf of different owners. We originally sold it to a boat engineer who had planned on converting it to steam but changed his mind when he realised it would remove too much of the boats original features.

The boat also comes complete with a braked road trailer which was new in 2013. Delah has a sun canopy that can also be easily attached.

The video below was taken recently in 2018 with Delah at home on the river, with melodic engine sound.

Delah has been shown at Thames Traditional Boat Festival in the past. It is constructed from Mahogany on Oak with GRP sheath of West System Epoxy, which has the benefits of a lovely warm deep mahogany colour but protected with a modern coating to minimise the maintenance effort required. 

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