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Do I need to be at the auction when my boat is bid on sells?

We highly recommend that all sellers should attend the auction but if not then you will need to containable via a mobile phone. If the boat does not sell then a negotiation may be required to find a mutually acceptable alternative price and we will need to have you available to discuss this option.

How do I settle what I owe on the auction day?

Please pay either in cash, or by credit card. We accept Via, MasterCard and American Express.

What are the fees for putting my boat in the auction?

a. There is a 15% commission on the final sale price for the boat. The seller receives 85% of the final sales price of the boat.

b. If you place a reserve price on the boat, and if it does not sell on the day then there is a £100 administrative fee.

What is the fee for buying an item at the auction?

The buyer premium is 10% of the final selling price, which is paid to Time and Tide in addition to the selling price.

What documentation do I need to complete before submitting my boat in to the  auction?

Please complete the following

1. Please send us high quality electronic photographs to 

or arrange for us to to photograph the boat for you.

2. Sign and return the Auction contract  terms and conditions

3. Provide proof of ownership including trailer 

4. Complete and return Bill of Sale 

5.  Complete statement of condition indicating whether engine is in good working order to not etc.

How long does the winning bidder have to pay and claim their boats?

How soon will I get paid if my boat sells at auction?

We aim to make all payments to sellers within 21 days business days or as soon as funds have cleared into our bank and all fees are settled, whichever is soonest.

A winning bidder must claim their purchase on the day of the auction. The bidder can remove their boat once the funds have cleared the bank, or if paid in cash then they can remove the boat the same day.

What happens if I enter my boat into the auction and it gets sold prior to the auction?

As we have been advertising your boat prior to the auction then all fees are due to Time and Tide Boats based on the commission stipulated calculated on the final sale price agreed as per our auction contract terms and conditions.

What do we do to promote your boat for the auction?

We advertise through our own website, and through the national boating press,  Facebook, twitter and the internet and from time to time use e-auction sites and specialist brokerage web sites.

What if I am unable to transport the boat to the auction myself?

We can make all arrangements for transportation of your boat to the auction for a fee. Please contact us via the contact form on this website to ask for more details

Does my boat have to be physically at the auction?

Yes, as buyers will want to inspect the boat  on the day of the auction or on the viewing days leading up to the auction. In special circumstances for high price boats we may make an exception and provide a virtual viewing capability. 

When do I have to pick up the boat if it does not sell?

The boat usually needs to removed within 24 hours. If however, you are not able to do that then, then we can provide secure storage for you boat for a daily fee. But if you do not take possession within 90 days we reserve the right to take possession of the boat.

Can Time and Tide Boats provide a trailer?

Unfortunately due to the wide variety and types of boats we handle we do not have spare trailers available, and so you will need to provide your own trailer to bring the boat to and from the auction.

How do I register for the auction?

Please register ahead of time, via our website for the particular auction you are interested in. On the day of the auction you go to the registration desk and pick up your bidder number. You may also be able to register on the day of the auction but no later than 1 hour  before the auction is due to start. You must fill in registration details including credit card details and receive you bidder number.

Do bidders need to be at the auction?

We prefer all bidders to be at the auction at the time. However, we may make arrangements for internet based and phone bids in some auctions. All bidders not physically present at the auction will need to pre-register and provide valid credit card details during registration.

Will I need to provide a survey with the boat

If your boat is more than £35,000 in value and is pre-owned then we would recommend that you provide a marine survey with the boat. This will give your boat the best chance of selling unless you are selling a boat that clearly needs renovation.  Few buyers will be confident buying an expensive boat without a survey. We can arrange a professional surveyor to provide the necessary report. Please note this is payable prior to the auction when the survey is complete. Please contact us for prices. 

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