A lightweight, compact, very quiet, clean source of electricity for battery charging. More power, faster charging than typical solar panel installation on a boat. 


Reliable and Powerful

With the EFOY COMFORT, you have a reliable electricity supply when you are on the road or at sea. Whether you are under a shady tree or in a lonely cove. Irrespective of the weather and all year round - even at sub-zero temperatures!



No more splitting the silence with a chug, chug of the diesel or petrol engine or generator. Enjoy the peace and solitude.  When the EFOY COMFORT is installed as recommended, you will almost hear nothing. Our developed insulation and the sound damping system ensure quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and silence!

Get a good nights sleep recharge your batteries and your boat's.


Worry and Hassle Free

Your EFOY COMFORT supplies electricity as soon as all connections are properly made. All you have to do is to make sure that fuel is always supplied. You do not even need to clean or maintain the EFOY COMFORT. It does not get any more convenient than this! Don't have to get your hands dirty bending over a diesel generator.


Stay eco-friendly

The EFOY COMFORT is economical in use and extremely eco-friendly!


Easy to Install Lightweight and Compact

When space is at a premium whether on an ocean rowing boat in the locker or under the bunks, your EFOY dealer will always help you find the right place for your EFOY COMFORT. It is so easy thanks to the compact design and low weight.

Efoy Comfort 210

SKU: 10210
  • Use throughout the entire year, a lot in winter too Intensive use: > 120 days a year

    Typical electrical consumers 

    Inverter > 1000 W
    Coffee machine, hairdryer
    microwave, electric

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