Methanol cartrdge For use with the range of EFOY Comfort Fuel Cells 

High purity methanol specifically for these fuel cells do not use other concetrations.

Supplied in anti-spill sealed cartridge.


Away from a mains supply for weeks at a time! EFOY fuel cartridges are a safety-tested fuel system that was specially developed for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges can be changed in seconds. It is a simple and clean process. With a M5 fuel cartridge, you could be off grid for up to 2 weeks without a mains supply. This means that with a single M5 fuel cartridge you can use your notebook to plan 500 outings, you can enjoy 350 cups of coffee from your automatic coffee maker, or you can transmit 225  hours of radio messages from your boat or you can eat 400 slices of fresh toast ... and all this fully independent of the mains supply. Enjoy the freedom.


Methanol M5 Cartridge (box of 2)

SKU: 100M5
  • Weight 9 lbs / 4.3Kg 

    Volume 5 litres of Methanol

    Nominal Capacity 5.5 kWh / 460 Ah 

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.5 x 5.7 x 11.1 in / 19 x 14.5 x 28.3 cms

    Capacity in Days 15 (depends on usage patterns)

    • Observe the operating and installation instructions.
    • Always ensure that the device is sufficiently ventilated.
    • Only use genuine EFOY COMFORT accessories and EFOY fuel cartridges to ensure that the chemical reaction can take place and the device will not be damaged.