We sourced this electric folding bike as after looking at many alternatives, we believe it is simply the best on the market. It is ideal for boaters and commuters alike as it is easy to stow aboard your boat or under your desk at work.  


The electric power gives you easy cruising speed for long distances (up to 50 miles) and makes short work of hills and head winds. It has great load carrying capacity. It folds out within 10 seconds with no need for tools and is ready for action.


Fold it up and put it in a locker or stow safely out of the way. You can use it from a remote marina/mooring to get to the shops, or from your canal side mooring to explore further afield. You will find it ideal for longer trips using public transport and each time you know you will have the best choice of ecological friendly, comfortable transport that just eats up the miles with ease.  


What we particularly like about the Vektron D8 is it has: 


  • Great looking design
  • Strong construction Ideal for short to tall riders (up to 6' 5")
  • Effortless power assitance when you need it and excellent smooth acceleration
  • Compact easy to fold design 
  • Well balanced ride with motor low down in centre of bike 
  • Plenty of carrying space for shopping and supplies
  • Extra safety hydraulic disc brakes
  • A great range of add on accessories panniers, child seats, covers etc. 
  • A powered walk along mode for easy push along speeds when negotiating public transport


Ride one and it will win you over to the sheer joy and practicality of go anywhere travel.


Tern Vektron D8 - Electric Folding Bike

SKU: 2000V8
£2,300.00 Regular Price
£2,200.00Sale Price
    • Fits easily on buses and subways for electric multi-modal commuting
    • Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family
    • Stores under a desk for convenient theft protection; no need to bring a heavy lock
    • Stash a pair in the trunk of a car for weekend getaways
    • German-engineered Bosch Active electric drivetrain—the industry leader in electric bike technology
    • T-Tuned™ geometry for a full-sized ride and comfort
    • Valo™ lighting system, with 150 lumens of power, for 24-hour visibility
    • Rear Cargo Rack™ works seamlessly with Yepp child seats—Maxi Easyfit or Junior Easyfit—for carrying kids

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