Outdoor Adventures 

Introducing our new online shop stocking a range of innovative, eco-friendly products for off grid living and adventures and gadgets to make boat ownership easier and fun. 

Off-Grid Power

To get off-grid and explore, what you need these days is portable, reliable power.  Our range of eco-friendly fuel cells keeps your electrical goods and batteries charged up even when you are miles away from shore power.


They are becoming the default choice for ocean racing yachts and ocean-crossing rowing boats as well as for cruise boat owners who want to go to more remote anchorages.

When you find yourself, miles from the shops and you need transport, then we think the Vektron folding electric bike is the answer. They are powerful and easy to store on board. Getting out and about and exploring has never been more effortless.

Find out more by watching the video below. See the video from that launch here

Boat Sentinel 

While you are away from your precious boat make sure you carry a Yacht Sentinel in your pocket which will alert you to anything going awry while you are away.

Check back soon as we have other exciting, innovative and useful products to make boating even more enjoyable arriving soon. 

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