Winter Storage (November to June) Now Available

Avoid any damage or deterioration due to winter weather by storing your precious boat in our dry, secure and modern storage facility.

With plenty of space within a short drive from the River Thames we offer clean and economical storage solutions for your boat over the winter and early season months. We are also currently planning opening a new storage facility on the south coast for vintage sailing craft in 2018/19.

To make sure your boat is kept in tip top condition we can also provide the following additional services:

  • Pressure Washing

  • Valeting and Cleaning

  • Winterisation  ​

  • *Charging of Batteries

  • Anti-Fouling 

  • Maintenance

* Electric boats rely on having their batteries kept in tip top condition and can cost thousands pounds to replace fully discharged batteries. The best option is intelligent trickle charging. We provide a modern pollution free option to keep your batteries in top condition, using advanced fuel cell technology with advanced remote monitoring of battery condition we provide peace of mind for your electric boat.

To enquire about boat storage please complete and send the necessary details to us via the boat storage enquiry form below.

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