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Thelma 1902 Umpire's Launch 

Umpire's Launch          

Length Overall:  42'           Beam:   6'                     

Built:      Originally Built  1902 of Consuta Construction with major reconstruction in 2016

Builder: Saunders of Goring-on-Thames

Engine:  Inboard Mercury Mercruiser 3 L Petrol

This is an example of a very rare and a very graceful umpires launch in top condition.

Thelma was built to be fast as it had to keep up with a rowing 8 which could top 28 knots through the water.


They are elegantly and practically designed so as to create the minimum of wash, by having hollowed underwater curved section aft of the prop. The long water line length also contributes to her maximum speed through the water. Thelma is of Iroko Wood construction. It has being lovelingly brought back into peak condition by its present owner who rescued it in 1974 and has owned it ever since. In 2015 Richard Dennet restored the hull with a full rebuild and finish and also fitted new engine and seating. In 2016 Richard then completed the restoration with new decks.  It will provide a spacious craft for enjoyable days out for family, friends and will impress all those who see her. 

Boat Safety Certificate Expires 23rd June 2020

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full port side
1950's coaching
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full port side
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