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Preview of boats appearing

at Classic Boat Auction on Saturday, 3rd June 2017  Beale Park

We will display some of the boats that will be in the auction on this page. Please check back often as we will profile new boats each week. For the full list of boats at the auction then please go to our bidder registration page and fill in a registration form to order the print catalogue which has 26 boats listed.

8. Tideway Dinghy (Swallow)  

The owner is a fan of the Arthur C. Ransome stories and inevitably named this pretty little Tideway dinghy Swallow after Swallows and Amazons. The Tideway is a clinker built wooden sailing dinghy with a gunter rig.

The first 12' Tideway was designed and built by  L.H. Walker Limited, of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex in 1954. 


Early Walker  Boats were made in a number of length from 8’ to 14’ and with many variations in fixtures, fittings, sails, rig and hulls, but it was soon clear that the 12’ Sloop, Clinker built in mahogany on oak with a sliding Gunter rig, was undoubtedly the most popular.



This particular boat is 12 foot length and 5 foot beam, and makes a practical small sailing dinghy for protected and inland waters. The owner has equipped it with three buoyancy bags. It is a great little boat for sailing trips on the river or lakes and also has rowlocks fitted for easy rowing.


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