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Preview of boats appearing

at Classic Boat Auction on Saturday, 3rd June 2017  Beale Park

We will display some of the boats that will be in the auction on this page. Please check back often as we will profile new boats each week. For the full list of boats at the auction then please go to our bidder registration page and fill in a registration form to order the print catalogue which has 26 boats listed.

5. Vosper Motor Launch

She is named Lady May, and perhaps like her name sake from 'Mr Selfridge' TV Series  she has a certain rakish elegance and unmissable charm with a fine entry to her bow and shapely midships. This elegant and economical launch is believed to have been built by Vosper Thorneycroft sometime in the 1950's.  It is now available on the Thames having spent many happy years plying up and down the Cumbrian Lakes. Its sleek hull which is easily pushed along by its 20HP Beta engine, is constructed on oak frames.  and is 19 feet LOA and Six Foot beam and 18" draft. 



The hull has was epoxy coated in 2012 and is in good condition. The boat is sold complete with a braked road trailer. The trailer is purpose built to suit this boat and is complete with carpeted wooden rails.  The owner testifies to the boat is very easily launched and recovered on to this trailer as he usually floats the boat on to the rails without any winching normally required. So very easy to recover and launch.  As you can see from the photographs she has a  lovely mahogany interior with good seating for up to 8 people, and lots of storage lockers.

Lady May when wearing her sunday best is topped with a canopy that is supported on 6 poles to give some shade from the burning summer sun we all wish for, of indeed she has shelter when the weather is not so ideal.

The owner is motivated for a quick sale and this boat is available for sale prior to the auction for the right price.

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