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Modern Whitehall Rowing Boat
built in Finland  Prices from £15,000 depending on specification

We are delighted to be able to bring to you a new range of entirely bespoke, modern spirt of tradition rowing boats.

They will appeal to owners that want something very special, a very usable, fast and stable rowing boat with fantastic looks and 150 years of pedigree as almost the perfect hull design for recreational transportation under oar. 

The Hull is from the Whitehall Pulling Boat which is a traditional design and is based on the designs by John Gardner of the famous Mystic Seaport.  The original Whitehall Pulling boats of the C19th were used for ferrying men and supplies to visiting windjammers as they came into port. So they had to hold a good cargo to minimise the number of trips required. They needed to be fast and sleek through the water so they could beat any competition, and as they operated in coastal waters they were renowned for being stable in a sea way.

There is no limit to the customisations you can have with these boats so that you have something truly unique.

You can choose whether you want a traditional looking craft with fittings such as bronze rowlocks and leather bound oars and fixed thwarts. They are supplied with a purpose built trailer 

Or you may choose a more modern racing configuration with sliding seats, fibre glass oars and outriggers.

The hull can be finished in your favourite from a choice of 200 different colours

white hull version.jpg
stern seat
white hull version
full length
close up trailer
footrests 2
bows 2
bronze outrigger.png
close up trailer.jpg
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