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1929 Bure River Commissioners Cabin Launch  

Originally from the Bure River on the Norfolk Broads. Chaffinch was built for the River Conservancy which is the forerunner to the Environment Agency Rivers Authority. Chaffinch is solidly built from a quality builder and was when built one of the first launches to use a petrol engine.


The launch is original design and configuration with the exception of the modern Vetus diesel engine , gearbox and exhaust. 

The is complete ready to go and enjoy days out on the river and includes mooring lines, anchor, two mooring spikes, hammer fenders, cushions, boat hook, flag mast in the price. The boat is currently being used and in the water, and recently was shown at the Traditional Boat Festival in Henley-on-Thames.

The boat has been well maintained and the owner reports that the engine runs beautifully, and "she is cheap and easy to maintain". Furthermore she is easy to handle. 

The layout provides  a nice mix of outside seating in the bows as well a roomy cabin with full seating height. It is an atmospheric craft, full of English boating history and practical classic craft for weekend trips with night stop overs or day trips to the pub. 

Chaffinch has only had three owners from new, and the current owner purchasing her in 1982. She is 25 foot long, with generous beam with aft cabin arranged with open front cockpit. Constructed of pitch pine on oak frames. Cabin interior, fore deck, cockpit, cabin and doors are all in teak. With original riveted copper fuel tank.


Most of the fittings are in bronze, including bronze navigation lights. Settee seating inside can be used as double beds and there is a rear glazed sliding door. This is a boat that was built to last, in an era when doing the job right was the guiding hand rather than building to meet a price. 

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