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Riva Models 1960-1970's 

About 20 years ago on a holiday to Lake Como in Northern Italy, I remember seeing an elegant mahogany power boat cross in front of us, and carve a wide, graceful arc of a turn, throwing up a wing of vitreous water and froth. It was a like watching a skier turn in deep powder snow. It was perfection. It was only later I realised I was watching one of Carlo Riva's creations. I knew these were the equivalent of owning a Bentley for the 1960's jet set, and they perhaps represent the pinnacle in wooden power boat design. With a bit of careful research I appreciated there was something very special about the design of the hull of these boats that made that perfect turn look the way it did, elegant yes but also very stable and sure footed. We can help you find and own one of these very collectable icons.

We currently have a Riva Olympic and Riva Ariston for sale. See also our Chris Craft runabout.

Here is a selection of Riva Designs to enjoy for aficionado's whether recent or past. 

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