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Riva Olympic for Sale 

The Riva Olympic was first designed in 1968 and looks it name from the Mexico Olympics of that year. It was the replacement for the very popular Riva Florida and was larger. Only 274 of these craft were ever built. This one is hull number 197 built in 1974.

This is a single engine petrol 270HP version with original engine. The overall condition of the boat is Good to Very Good inside and it is sound throughout. It has been well maintained and kept under cover when not in use. The foredeck however, needs to be stripped back and revarnished and there are some marks on the exterior sides that would gain from attention to bring it easily back to Very Good condition. These cosmetic improvements are reflected in the price and this is an excellent opportunity to buy a Riva Olympic at a very attractive price.

front bench seat
engine top
starb fine bow
port quarter
starboard bow
star midships
starboard fine
under deck
fire ex
roller close
port chine
Cockpit close
port bow
deck forward

The boat comes with its own trailer and cover.

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