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New Jackson Yachts Mahogany Run About
Price: £8,500 without engine fitted

This is a new boat from an exciting new British boat builder, who has recently burst on the scene with an eye for building classic sailing yachts such as the recreation of the Dark Harbour 17.5 and now the head turning motor runabout.

Ben Jackson after 8 years at Spirit of Tradition Yachts, is now striking out on his own. Ben Jackson Yachts is looking to build the best of modern classics. New boats but, we think with a little touch of the Dolce Vitae of classic elegance influence this design, which is beautifully married to modern wooden construction. The result is unique, one of its kind boat, that will get you noticed and will last a lifetime. We believe these will become highly sought after modern classics that are easy to own and maintain.

The one we are offering for sale is in deep, gleaming mahogany. 

We are offering you the option to further bespoke it to meet your needs. As we realise such a versatile boat can be equally at home when blasting along at speed along the coast or across a lake, as well as it would look good purring along at a most leisurely pace on a river, therefore we are offering a choice of power plants. 


The boat is offered at auction structurally complete. The power plant of your choice will be fitted after the auction by Jackson Yachts for an additional fixed price as stated in the auction catalogue. 


Option 1:  for open water cruising the boat has been designed with a 50hp Honda outboard in mind. The builder has estimated that top speed expect would be around 25knots.


Option 2: for days tips on the river the boat can be fitted with a smaller outboard with high output at low revs.

Whichever, option you choose you will find it a practical boat to own and run. The idea with the design was to make a boat that was small enough to fit in a large garage and be towed easily. The builder wanted a stylish wooden boat that performed well and could be left on a trailer without the problems one could expect from a traditionally built boat. 

The bottom is sheathed in 600gram epoxy glass cloth thinking that she may be run up a beach from time to time. The African Mahogany is finished in Awlgrip for a low maintenance finish. She is a boat designed and built to be used as much as possible.


The construction is very stiff and starts with water jet cut plywood frames connected to two longitudinal plywood frames that make up the seat fronts and continue under the fore deck. The bottom is then planked in 12mm plywood sheathed in glass, epoxy. Spray chines are then added. The sides are then made up of 8mm tongue and groove Douglas Fir planking placed on the diagonal over stringers. 6mm African Mahogany is then Epoxy bonded to this on the longitudinal.


The deck is made form plywood with a 6mm Mahogany top epoxy bonded to it. West System epoxy was used throughout. This makes for a very stiff, strong boat that is also light which should mean that she performs very well.

For dimensions and more technical information then please order our catalogue.

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